European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAGs)

EURORDIS, a non-governmental patient-driven alliance of patient organisations,  has developed a European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) for each ERN disease grouping.

ePAGs will bring together elected patient advocates and affiliated organisations who will ensure that the patient voice is heard throughout the ERN development process.

It is important that patient advocates and clinicians evolve how they work together in the new system of ERNs.

Visit our ERKNet patient website to find out more Information about ERKNet ePAGs and EURORDIS.


Network GroupePAG RepresentativePatient OrganisationCountryContactWebsite
ERN BoardClaudia SproedtCystinose Selbsthilfe
Hereditary glomerulopathiesDaniel
Immune glomerulopathiesMarieke van
Johanna RohlfingNephie e.V./ Idiopathisches Nephrotisches
TubulopathiesAntonio Cabrera CanteroAsociación para la información y la investigación de la Hipomagnesemia Familiar (HipoFam)
Susana Carvajal ArjonaAsociación para la información y la investigación de la Hipomagnesemia Familiar (HipoFam)
Thrombotic mircoangiopathiesAlena LassaHus und MPNG Selbsthilfegruppe für komplementbedingte
Francisco MonfortAsociación Síndrome Hemolítico Urémico Atípico (ASHUA)
CAKUT & Ciliopathies
Autosomal dominant renal structural disordersTess HarrisPKD
Uwe KorstPKD Familiäre Zystennieren
Metabolic nephropathiesClaudia SproedtCystinose Selbsthilfe
Marjolein BosCystinose Groep
Pediatric CKD & DialysisClaudia SproedtCystinose Selbsthilfe
Pediatric TxEvy van

European Reference Networks
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