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Gdansk, University Clinical Centre Gdansk


Department Pediatrics, Nephrology & Hypertension


The Department of Pediatrics, Nephrology and Hypertension is the major service for children's kidney diseases in North Poland with a catchment of 3 million population and more than 7000 outpatient contacts and 1500 hospitalizations per year. Our multidisciplinary team offers full medical and psychosocial services for children of all ages, including a prenatal and genetic consultation clinic. Our Department has a special clinical focus on genetic and acquired glomerulopathies, congenital abnormalities kidney and urinary tract, pediatric chronic and end-stage renal disease and micturition disorders. We provide multi-professional healthcare for children with chronic kidney disease in the pre-dialysis stage, on dialysis and following kidney transplantation. We deliver the full spectrum of acute renal replacement therapies from neonatal to adolescent age. We have dedicated diagnostic and therapy units (ultrasound, urodynamic, urotherapy, physiotherapy ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, pulse wave velocity). We closely collaborate with the adult nephrology Department and the other specialist pediatric departments and Centre for Rare Diseases at our hospital.The clinical service is complemented by research activities, which include genetic and clinical research. The Gdansk group leads several national Registries and cohort studies in dialysis and transplantation, chronic kidney disease, childhood nephrotic syndrome, Alport Syndrome and ADPKD and participates in numerous investigator and industry driven clinical trials.



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Aleksandra Zurowska   (HCP Lead)  [e-mail]  [Show profile]

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Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Immune glomerulopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Renal malformations
» Obstructive nephropathies
» Pediatric CKD & dialysis

Task forces

» Education & Training
» Registries & Outcomes


Aleksandra Zurowska
Telephone: +48 583 492 850
Fax: +48 583 492 852


» Department Pediatrics, Nephrology & Hypertension

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