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Pediatric Nephrology


The Division of Pediatric Nephrology is a large service for children's rare kidney diseases in Germany with an encatchment of appr. 3.5 million population and more than 3000 outpatient contacts and 300 hospitalizations per year. Our team provides full medical and psychosocial services for children of all ages, including a prenatal consultation clinic. Our group has a special clinical focus on inherited tubular disorders, metabolic stone-forming diseases and cystic renal diseases. We also offer treatment of pediatric chronic and end-stage renal disease, treating more than 150 children in the pre-dialysis stage, on dialysis and after kidney transplantation. Also, we provide the full spectrum of acute renal replacement therapies from neonatal to adolescent age. The clinical service is complemented by our research activities, which include genetic and experimental research in a dedicated laboratory as well as the coordination of a national clinical research consortium dedictaed to early onset cystic kidney deseases (NEOCYST). The Münster group leads a patient registry for nephronophthisis and related ciliopathies.


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Disease expertise

» Hereditary glomerulopathies
» Tubulopathies
» Metabolic & stone disorders
» Thrombotic microangiopathies
» AD structural kidney disorders
» Renal malformations
» Pediatric kidney transplantation

Task forces

» Education & Training
» Guidelines & Pathways


Jutta Janowski (Secretary)
Telephone: 49-251-8356220
Fax: 49-251-9813336


» Pediatric Nephrology

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