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Hereditary glomerulopathies

Current understandings in treating children with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.
Author(s): Lee JM, Kronbichler A, Shin JI, Oh J
Source: Pediatr Nephrol 2020 Feb 21;
Publication date: 2020-02-21
SGLT2 inhibitors - a potential treatment for Alport syndrome.
Author(s): Mabillard H, Sayer JA
Source: Clin Sci (Lond) 2020 Feb 28;134(4):379-388
Publication date: 2020-02-28
CFHR Gene Variations Provide Insights in the Pathogenesis of the Kidney Diseases Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and C3 Glomerulopathy.
Author(s): Zipfel PF, Wiech T, Stea ED, Skerka C
Source: J Am Soc Nephrol 2020 Feb;31(2):241-256
Publication date: 2020-02
Molecular mechanisms determining severity in patients with Pierson syndrome.
Author(s): Minamikawa S, Miwa S, Inagaki T, Nishiyama K, Kaito H, Ninchoji T, Yamamura T, Nagano C, Sakakibara N, Ishimori S, Hara S, Yoshikawa N, Hirano D, Harada R, Hamada R, Matsunoshita N, Nagata M, Shima Y, Nakanishi K, Nagase H, Takeda H, Morisada N, Iijima K, Nozu K
Source: J Hum Genet 2020 Apr;65(4):355-362
Publication date: 2020-04
Comprehensive genetic diagnosis of Japanese patients with severe proteinuria.
Author(s): Nagano C, Yamamura T, Horinouchi T, Aoto Y, Ishiko S, Sakakibara N, Shima Y, Nakanishi K, Nagase H, Iijima K, Nozu K
Source: Sci Rep 2020 Jan 14;10(1):270
Publication date: 2020-01-14
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