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Obstructive nephropathies

Renal Replacement Therapy and Intermittent Catheterization Risk in Posterior Urethral Valves.
Author(s): McLeod DJ, Szymanski KM, Gong E, Granberg C, Reddy P, Sebastião Y, Fuchs M, Gargollo P, Whittam B, VanderBrink BA
Source: Pediatrics 2019 Feb 1;
Publication date: 2019-02-1
First-year profile of biomarkers for early detection of renal injury in infants with congenital urinary tract obstruction.
Author(s): Kostic D, Dos Santos Beozzo GPN, do Couto SB, Kato AHT, Lima L, Palmeira P, Krebs VLJ, Bunduki V, Francisco RPV, Zugaib M, de Carvalho WB, Koch VHK
Source: Pediatr Nephrol 2019 Jan 29;
Publication date: 2019-01-29
Posterior urethral valves: comparison of clinical outcomes between postnatal and antenatal cohorts.
Author(s): Vasconcelos MA, Simões E Silva AC, Dias CS, Gomes IR, Carvalho RA, Figueiredo SV, Dumont TR, Oliveira MCL, Pinheiro SV, Mak RH, Oliveira EA
Source: J Pediatr Urol 2018 Nov 24;
Publication date: 2018-11-24
Surgical validation of functional magnetic resonance urography in the study of ureteropelvic junction obstruction in a pediatric cohort.
Author(s): Wong MCY, Sertorio F, Damasio MB, Incarbone V, Beati F, Bodria M, Pistorio A, Ghiggeri GM, Magnano GM, Mattioli G
Source: J Pediatr Urol 2018 Nov 22;
Publication date: 2018-11-22
The evaluation of vesicoureteral reflux among children using contrast-enhanced ultrasound: a literature review.
Author(s): Chua ME, Kim JK, Mendoza JS, Fernandez N, Ming JM, Marson A, Lorenzo AJ, Lopes RI, Takahashi MS
Source: J Pediatr Urol 2018 Nov 20;
Publication date: 2018-11-20
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