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Pediatric CKD and dialysis

Free Water Transport and Its Association with Cardiovascular Status in Children on Peritoneal Dialysis.
Author(s): Bolte L, Ibacache MJ, Delgado I, Cano F
Source: Perit Dial Int 2019 Jul-Aug;39(4):323-329
Publication date: 2019-08
Safety of Laparoscopic Gastrostomy in Children Receiving Peritoneal Dialysis.
Author(s): Dorman RM, Benedict LA, Sujka J, Sobrino J, Dekonenko C, Andrews W, Warady B, Oyetunji TA, Hendrickson RJ
Source: J Surg Res 2019 Jul 19;244:460-467
Publication date: 2019-07-19
Should we abandon GFR in the decision to initiate chronic dialysis?
Author(s): Preka E, Rees L
Source: Pediatr Nephrol 2019 Aug 15;
Publication date: 2019-08-15
Caregiver burden in pediatric dialysis.
Author(s): Wightman A
Source: Pediatr Nephrol 2019 Aug 21;
Publication date: 2019-08-21
Long-term outcomes in children on chronic continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis: a retrospective cohort study from a developing country.
Author(s): Prasad N, Rangaswamy D, Patel M, Gulati S, Bhadauria D, Kaul A, Gupta A
Source: Pediatr Nephrol 2019 Aug 29;
Publication date: 2019-08-29
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