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Project Title:


Project Type:

Translational research

Disease group(s):

Pediatric kidney transplantation

Project Summary:

cAMR is among the leading causes for long-term graft failure. Treatment options for cAMR are limited. Hence, the early identification of patients at risk for cAMR is of utmost importance and requires the identification and validation of non-invasive and specific biomarkers of impending cAMR. We set-up a trial using patient data and samples from the Certain-Registry based on a nested case-control design. Blood, urine and biopsy samples are centrally analysed for routine markers (DSA, renal allograft biopsy analysis) as well as for additional diagnostic markers as cytokines and chemokines associated with DSA and rejection, of immune senescence features and urinary proteomics analysis. IMMRES patients can be marked with a "Case" or "Control" flag within the CERTAIN Registry, indicating the patient joined the case or control group. Please, add this information to already marked IMMRES patients. This will improve the handling of the groups during the analysis.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Lars Pape, Hannover
Anette Melk, Hannover
Burkhard Toenshoff, Heidelberg


Nele Kanzelmeyer, Hannover
Alexander Fichtner, Heidelberg
Caner Suesal, Heidelberg

Project Period:

08/2015   -   12/2018


National funding agency

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