The European Rare Kidney Disease Reference Network


Research Project

Project Title:

International Pediatric PD Biobank

Project Type:

Observational Study, Enrolment ongoing
Adjunct biobank: DNA, Serum, Plasma

Disease group(s):

Pediatric CKD & dialysis

Project Summary:

The International Pediatric PD Biobank is a biobank currently comprising about 500 omental and parietal peritoneal tissue samples from children with normal renal function, with CKD5 and children on PD and respective clinical and PET data for quantitative histomorphometry and biochemistry, omics and functional studies. It is amended by the adult PD biobank Heidelberg comprising 180 tissue samples. Current focus is on molecular pathomechanisms of transformation of the peritoneum with low and high GDP PD solutions, associated vasculopathy and functional sequelae. Future studies focus on transepithelial paracellular transport mechanisms in cooperation with Prof Zarogiannis and on the peritoneal host defense system. 34 centers are contributing.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Claus Peter Schmitt, Heidelberg

Project Period:

01/2012   -   12/2020

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