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Research Project

Project Title:

Cardiovascular and bone health in children and young adults with kidney failure

Project Type:

Observational Study, Enrolment ongoing
Adjunct biobank: Serum, Urine

Disease group(s):

Pediatric CKD & dialysis

Project Summary:

Title: Is abnormal bone mineralisation associated with vascular calcification in
children and young adults with chronic kidney disease?
Our hypothesis is that children and young people with CKD who have abnormal bone mineralisation are at greater risk of vascular calcification.
Plan of investigation: Patients aged 5-30 years in CKD stages 4-5 or on dialysis will be recruited from four paediatric and two adult tertiary nephrology centres across the UK to assess:
1. Bone health: bone mineral density by peripheral quantitative CT, biomarkers, growth and QoL questionnaires
2. Cardiovascular health: conventional and very high resolution ultrasound scan, pulse wave velocity and coronary calcification by CT scan
3. Calcium balance studies: using a novel technique of stable calcium isotope fractionation
We will perform an initial cross-sectional study followed by annual scans to study progression.

Lead principal investigator(s):

Rukshana Shroff, London


Lalayannis Alexander, London
Lesley Rees, London
Amrit Kaur, Manchester

Project Period:

08/2017   -   08/2020


National funding agency

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